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Research and Reports

This page contains links to Criminal Justice Services Reports and Publications. Unless statutory requirements exist, if a report is regularly produced (monthly, quarterly, etc.) this page will retain the last five (5) versions of that report. Click a link below to jump to the corresponding section.

Data and/or Project Requests

Please submit any data, research, or project requests via this online form in order to get your project into our queue for consideration; requests not submitted via this form will not be considered. Once submitted, the Research and Planning Unit will review and provide feedback regarding the request as soon as possible

Quarterly Jail Population Report

Outside Medical Trips
Other Publications

Quarterly Jail Population Report

FY 2018 - Q3
FY 2018 - Q2
FY 2018 - Q1
FY 2017 - Q4
FY 2017 - Q3

Outside Medical Trips

2022: January - June 

2021: July - December

2021: January - June

2020: July - December

2020: January - June

2019: January - June

2019: Jul. - December

2018: January - June

2017: July - December

2017: January - June

2016: July - December

2016: January - June

2015: July - December

2015: January - June

2014: July - December

Other Publications

2017: Criminal Justice Services Performance Report
2016: CJCC's: Building Relationships, Improving Policy, and Changing Lives (SECoPA)
2016: Driver License Restoration Clinic Statistical Summary
2015 Citizen-Initiated Complaint Process Report (CJAG Presentation)
2014 Bail Policy (26th District)
2012 Bail Policy Report
2011 Case Flow Analysis - Drug
2011 Case Flow Analysis - Persons
2011 Case Flow Analysis - Property
2011 CJCAC Annual Report
2010 Bail Policy Report
2010 Superior Court Activity


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